One of the key tenets around here is that while America has whole boatloads of issues, the country is not irretrievably “broken.”  In fact, there’s all kinds of opportunity but the main thing that needs to happen to affect the Great Recovery from our current malaise, is people need to get up, move around, do some exploring, some prospecting, and make a conscious decision to put down different roots.

What’s obvious to any damn fool is that a country cannot have more people collecting welfare than are making payments for it.  Even though we have been able to hoodwink a number of countries into buying our bonds, many do little more than perform some clever jujitsu with those funds;  Often they go into offshore accounts where they are intermingled with drug money or money from human trafficking, and then re-introduced to the USA as offshore capital which is then used to buy our own country out from under us.

So that’s what this website is:  Observations, notes, a bunch of person experience, and above all lessons learnt from mistakes made.

If making mistakes was profitable, we’d be very rich people by now, for sure!

At the same time, our suburbs are becoming unsustainable:  The reason is the flattening and decline of real estate values in suburban cities has resulted in


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