As youy may have figured the author of this site is George Ure.  I is he.

We have a few outstanding contributors to the site, including a character we call Oilman2.

As we roll into 2016,  by my reckoning, we have about 18-months, or until around Q2 of 2017 before the crap in America will be “hitting the fan.”

This is because of the forecasting work I have updated over at one of my other sites, www.peoplenomics.com.  That site is NOT free – as it deals with both projected movements in markets, the price of gold, future of Bitcoins, and investments in hard assets like rural or (to borrow my friend Dr. Jack Lessinger’s term) “Exurban” properties.

A third website you may find interesting is my www.musicengineerandproducer.com site.  This is a v ery inexpensive way to either learn how to set up a rural broadcasting station which is nice to listen to when you are working rural property.  I don’t know about you, but communing with nature gets me only a few hours into a day.  After that, some Stones or good “Sunday morning” type Jazz is more than welcome.

There are two other reasons for the music site:  One of these days, we will begin to use our studio to produce popcasts for Peoplenomics.com.  The other is that my eldest daughter is into music, but she hasn’t been a broadcasting engineer or recording studio school director.  So I do have some value at the “dumb end of a soldering iron” and a pretty good “ear” to offer.

Today, I will begin posting very limited articles on prepping in a rural setting – this will be done on a weekly, or so, basis.  It won’t add too much workloads to my schedule, since we are planning many projects around the ranch here in East Texas this year.

The main reason for that is simple:  We need to get many things done before the big “danger window” – Spring 2017 – gets here.

A note about Oilman2:  I am seriously thinking about partnering with OM2 on this site because of time constrains, but there is something else of incredibly high value:

He and his son (helped by a friend) are being a mostly recycled and repurposed home out in the Grapeland, TX area. 

They have done some amazing things with their property – and he has tons and oodles to contribute.

Last, but not least, I would encourage you to write in – contributing articles as the spirit moves you – that would be a general interest to the kind of forward-thinking folks who hang around UrbanSurvival and Peoplenomics.

There is no compensation for submitted articles – and we reserve the right to edit to our own guidelines.  (No defamation, libel, slander, personal monetization, etc, plus a modicum of good taste and only rarely used four-letter groups…)

So there you have it.

Ure’s 2016  Resolution #1.

Ure’s Resolution #2 is to increase the circulation of Peoplenomics, but I put the community/grassroots exurban ahead of increasing subscribers because of the seriousness of the 2017-2022 timeframe.

It may very well make the Great Depression look like a cakewalk.  After all, with 46% of Americans on mood enhancers, can you image a country full of nearly crazy people as a Depressions drives everyhone “cold turkey” and the same time?

So write about your plans and experiences…and send ‘em along.  No promises, except that we do have fun and tend to be interesting…

George   george@ure.net


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